Wednesday, April 15, 2009

4 months into being engaged

and no date and no real plan yet!  It has become my personal guilty pleasure to watch peoples' faces when I say that we are taking it easy in response to their questions about the wedding date.  Everyone is so used to the military-style scheduling and planning that begin the second after a girl gets her ring that Tom and I are considered weird :-)  The funny thing about us that we were sort of planning an elopement 4 months before we actually got engaged, and our commitment to each other does not depend on whether we have set the date or not.  Next week, it will our 3rd anniversary, and last February marked 5 years since we absolutely randomly met at JFK (yes, at the airport).  I, a Russian, was married at the time and lived in Los Angeles, and he, an American, was single and lived in Connecticut.  For some strange reason we stayed in touch via texting and occasional e-mailing and reconnected after I separated from my husband and he moved to LA for a new job.  We are considering a whole slew of options for our wedding - from having our ceremony and reception at a winery, to a destination wedding, to an elopement.  In any event, even a wedding at a winery promises to be a fairly small affair with around 50 persons attending given that my entire immediate and extended family is in Russia.

Given the ever changing nature of our "planning", I have felt uncomfortable sharing my thoughts with friends.  So, I will use this blog to voice my ideas, concerns and inspirations.  

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