Monday, April 20, 2009

Last Saturday,

I started a class at UCLA Extension, Decoding The Contemporary Art World taught by Rebecca Taylor.  It was sort of scary and intimidating - Tom likes to think that I know a lot about art, but it is true only in comparison to people who never ever touched the world of art... so I was hesitant... and did I mention scared?  Anyway, the teacher turned out to be an incredibly bright, beautiful, contagiously enthusiastic and encouraging person, and the group was small and welcoming, with 3 persons of the 9 in attendance following Rebecca from class to class.  There was one lady in her late 30's with whom I identified myself - she is a stay-at-home mom of 3 kids and is taking classed to keep her brain from turning into mush :)))  There is even one Russian artist.  So, on Sunday I went to Barnes and Noble and got 2 books from the list recommended by Rebecca.  She also praised Twitter and Facebook as means to get access to people in the art world, and I finally gave in and created a Twitter profile, although I am not sure I will use it for anything else other than following her.

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