Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I am trying

to figure myself out - either I am not really in any planning mode and I don't give a crap yet or I am a freak and will never give enough crap to lose sleep over invitations...

I love paper goods. My all time favorite store is PULP/ILLITERATURE on La Brea, and every card I buy is usually handmade and cool like hell. However, I do not give a crap about our future wedding invitations. Seriously. I read somewhere about using city view postcards as invites, and I really liked the idea. For some weird un-womanly and un-weddingly reason I can not start worrying about what image will adorn some cards that are purely utilitarian - telling people when and where we will wed.

I will go now and think about what is wrong with me.


  1. Oh, this saddens me! But only because I love designing invitations so much. However, I can totally relate. I was so overwhelmed when designing my own invites that I decided to do a 'non-design' - a letter of correspondence.

    I think the idea of using postcards is really cool.

  2. I read about your invitations! And I loved them! And I loved that you and your fiance at the time signed all of them - it is so thoughtful!

    I hope I get excited over invites, I really do - somehow it is a watershed for me, a signal that it is really coming, you know?