Thursday, May 14, 2009

I did it!!!

I reupholstered one of the 6 dining chairs that we bought over a year and a half ago!   The chairs are a part of a beautiful original Heywood-Wakefield dining room set, which also includes a dining table.  Originally, we were going to have the chairs reupholstered professionally for us.  I am not even sure why we never did - we are procrastinators!  So, when I quit, I decided to turn the chairs into a little project of mine.  And after weeks of looking for the right fabric and foam and a couple of visits to the scary and very manly Home Depot, I have beautified the first chair!


And this is the new and cute chair next to its old brother:

And even though the chair is not perfect, I am so proud of myself :-)  


  1. Gorgeous!

    We have a Heywood-Wakefield teacher's desk (or a knockoff, not sure) that I love. It has a powder blue modesty panel that makes me want to wear knee length skirts and demure heels.

    Home Depot gets less scary and manly the more often you visit, though I prefer Lowe's.

  2. Thank you so much :) I love Heywood-Wakefield in any shape or form, even if it is a knockoff (by the way, Design Within Reach has a few things that were sort of borrowed from H-W). I love the lines and flow of pretty much every piece I have seen - so elegant and yet functional, as opposed to a lot of designer stuff that is nice to look at but extremely uncomfortable to live around.

    Oh, and skirts and heels - it's a dream :))) Complete with a cocktail glass :)))

    P.S. I was excited to see you are following my modest blog :) Very sweet of you :)