Monday, June 29, 2009

I know, I know...

It's getting super old. I am well aware, trust me my only reader :-)

We still DON'T KNOW whether we are getting the house. The FHA process sucks.

I was supposed to go to Moscow for a couple of weeks but because of the uncertainty with the housing situation I simply can not leave Tom alone to juggle work, the impending move (we HAVE to be out of this apt by July 26) and Bulka. I am so sad about not going, I can't even express it. I haven't seen my mom in 4 years...

I feel tragically cheated out of my trip.

And I am taking too many puppy pictures and giving them away without charging for it. Apparently, I am good at dog photography. Why knew?! Given that I am super allergic, it is sort of ironic.

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