Monday, January 23, 2012

I am a fleeting touch and awkward smile
I don't belong and I am not an owner
My wishes have been granted for a while
But now I risk my freedom and my honor

I pride myself of being on the run
Of never getting chained to an ideal
My soul is of a gypsy not a nun
My dreams are wild, my world is never real 

 I like to think that I will find my way
To walk away from this infatuation
To prove me wrong my heart has gone astray 
And I am left with fear and frustration

 (c) Adele de Lellis


  1. Пипец! какая ты всё-таки талантливая, Адель :)

    1. Тань, да ладно тебе - такое каждый может. "сапожки-полусапожки" :-)))))