Thursday, March 29, 2012

Never existed

Silent, I stay at the bottom of your pyramid
Waiting for the door to unlock
Waiting for the skies to open 
You are guarded
You are protected
You are the ruler of the game
Patient, I long for the wait to be over
I recite the reasons in my silly head
I relive the moments in my aching heart
You hold the keys
You hold the secret 
You have the power over my desire
Desperate, I bang on the door
Begging for you to recognize me
Begging for you to let me in
You look away
You turn away
I disappointed you
Crushed, I bend over in pain
Absorbed by the emptiness of the moment
Deafened by my own heart's drumbeat
You are not watching
You never existed
I imagined you

(c) 2012

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