Wednesday, March 28, 2012

One breath away

One breath away from failing
Miserably, painfully and forever.
The sharp knife of rejection
Glides through my heart
As if it is butter.
I stumble and don't feel anything
For a long while.
I knew it was coming,
Trying to usher it sooner
Than its natural pace.
It was all my imagination,
Surreally real, nonetheless.
Building a castle out of bits and ends of words
I thought I heard -
Is an ungrateful exercise in failure.
I have always known it,
I have failed so many times,
I have been rejected by those whose myths I had built.
Can't help myself.
Can't look at myself.
Can't bear to hear my own heart.
Counting steps to the final note,
Just a breath away from failure,
Picked up by the wind of desire
To love,
I am carried away
Oblivious to rejection.

(c) 2012

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