Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Day 2 of 30 days paleo

Surprisuingly, everything is going smoothly as far as my experiment is going.  I am definitely glad that I have been bringing my lunch to work for the last couple of weeks, and being in the groove it has been easier to simply adjust the menu. I haven't had any cravings, except I couldn't figure out what to about sugar free gum. I usually chew on one after lunch, but it bothers me that it's definitely not paleo. I even bought a bunch of fresh mint leaves and will take a sprig tomorrow to work.

So... Here's my menu from today:

Breakfast: two hard boiled eggs + black coffee (no sugar, no milk)
Snack: a couple of dried apricots
Lunch: homemade meatloaf (ground beef, red bell pepper, onion, tomato, egg, spices) + roasted cauliflower + salad (EVOO, cucumber, radishes, tomatoes)
Snack: a plum, a nectarine
Dinner: a few slices of a freshly grilled steak, three asparagus stalks, half of heirloom tomato
Dessert: a plum

So far, I have not craved anything sweet.  Haven't had issues with giving up my nightly wine either, although I am still worried that it's only been two days, and on a stressful day I might be tempted to have a glass or two to unwind.

I am loving my menu, except for breakfast. Need to dig up some easy, make-ahead paleo breakfast recipes for dishes that I can bring to work.

I think I will start taking photos and maybe posting recipes for my dishes. Just to create a reference for myself and be of help in case anyone needs inspiration.

Till tomorrow!