Saturday, October 6, 2012


Well, it has been a while since my last post, and a lot has happened in the past few weeks.  I am back with a little bits about everything that has transpired.

As far as Paleo goes, it was a pretty good success. I managed to stick to it the entire 4 weeks in terms of food, however, I drank apple cider and wine on several occasions.  I cooked a lot and enjoyed pretty much everything I made but for a couple of exceptions.  

On August 31, I flew to Moscow, Russia where I stayed for 2 weeks.  The trip was very relaxing in that I chose to see only very few people, not to stress myself with obligations, and generally go with the flow.  I stayed with my sister and her husband, and this arrangement provided for many conversations late into the night accompanied by good food and wine.  There are several things worth noting that took place during my trip:

- the day after my arrival I went through a pretty intense therapy experience, where a piece of my human psyche puzzle was uncovered.  It was cathartic. 

- two days into my visit, I fell ill with a horrid virus that took me out of commission for a day.  Frankly, I don't remember being this sick in the last 10 years, so I attributed it to the after effects of therapy.

- many many soul searching talks with my sister.  They tired me out emotionally and mentally but I have grown because of them.

- a wonderful lunch with my old friend, with whom I don't stay in close enough touch. Last time we had seen each other was 5 years ago when she was in LA flying back to Moscow from Hawaii.  It felt as if these 13 years of us living apart have never happened. It was magic. 

- Bulka's condition rapidly deteriorated and I flew back in a hurry and worry over her health.  Turned out that the medication for pain was giving her bad side effects, she has been seen by a specialist, and we will be starting stem cell therapy for her in the nearest future.

It was good to be back, however, it took me at least two weeks to readjust to the time zone.  

I have been mostly lazy, enjoying a busy social calendar and ignoring so many home chores... Kind of embarrassing.

The last thought will sound cryptic but I am not at liberty to speak openly here.  Events have transpired that forced me to think harder than ever about causality.  Something that was to me the source of new and inspiration for quite some time became detrimental to someone else.  This has pushed me to a rather grim extreme, where I decided to avoid any possibility of ambiguity.  Such decision is limiting, and I have the worst time with limitations.  Time to grow up?


  1. Stem cell therapy doesn't sound too good to me... I hope it's nothing too serious and Bulka will get better soon.
    Take care, both of you.

    1. Hi there Iryna, sorry for the late response. Blogger and iPad don't get along that well. Actually, stem cell therapy for dogs has been a popular treatment here. They derive stem cells from fat tissue, meaning there's not moral dilemma. We have high hopes for the treatment :-) thank you :-)

    2. My apologies as my comment wasn't very clear. What I meant to say that Bulka's illness doesn't sound like a simple flu or alike because of this treatment which is far more complex than common remedies.
      I am very glad that Bulka's treatment is going well and your hopes are high. I'll keep my fingers crossed and get well soon!

    3. Thank you for your concern and kind wishes :-). It's too soon to tell but we are hoping she gets better :-)

  2. Replies
    1. Hi there, thank you for stopping by! I am doing ok, thank you :-). Bulka had her stem cell therapy treatment a week ago, and although it's been only a week we are all eager to see improvement. She is still having trouble controlling her hind legs so it's heartbreaking for us to see her struggle.

      Other than that things are getting better... Life... Home... Work... Routine...

    2. You haven't blogged for so long. I hope you are doing fine!

  3. So sorry to hear about your dog's illness. Hope she feels better.
    It's so interersting--we traveled to Moscow at the same time + I also have a sister leaving there. If you ever feel like talking --let me know. I'd be happy to.

    1. Thank you Oksana! It is interesting that we were in Moscow at the same time :-). I am not a huge phone person but I would love to meet up. Maybe we could meet up for a coffee some time soon?