Monday, April 20, 2009

Last Saturday,

I started a class at UCLA Extension, Decoding The Contemporary Art World taught by Rebecca Taylor.  It was sort of scary and intimidating - Tom likes to think that I know a lot about art, but it is true only in comparison to people who never ever touched the world of art... so I was hesitant... and did I mention scared?  Anyway, the teacher turned out to be an incredibly bright, beautiful, contagiously enthusiastic and encouraging person, and the group was small and welcoming, with 3 persons of the 9 in attendance following Rebecca from class to class.  There was one lady in her late 30's with whom I identified myself - she is a stay-at-home mom of 3 kids and is taking classed to keep her brain from turning into mush :)))  There is even one Russian artist.  So, on Sunday I went to Barnes and Noble and got 2 books from the list recommended by Rebecca.  She also praised Twitter and Facebook as means to get access to people in the art world, and I finally gave in and created a Twitter profile, although I am not sure I will use it for anything else other than following her.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

There are a lot of reasons

why it has been so long and we never actually had a chance to discuss our wedding plans.  First, 4 days after we got engaged over a weekend in Santa Barbara, our landlords informed us that they sold the house in 4 (!!!) days and we had 45 days to move.  Naturally, it took us about a month to find a place and move.  Then, it was the move itself and the stress of unpacking and settling in the new apartment.  After that, after another unhappy day at work, I decided that it was time for me to quit.  The last 2 weeks at work were very stressful and unpleasant and took up a ton of my energy.  Next day after I quit, Tom got involved into a big litigation with the case going into trial, meaning that it has been 5 weeks of him working non-stop, coming home at 2am and leaving at 8am, and not taking any days off. 

So, it is obvious that with all the craziness happening in our life wedding plans have not been our first priority.  We have talked in passing about possibilities but have not taken the time to sit down and plan.  We do share though a desire for an intimate, fun and special event that will have our families united and everyone in attendance playing their own part.   

One day, Tom asked me to tell him what my dream wedding would be without any considerations for expense.  

The wedding of my dreams takes place at a very small but gorgeous winery sitting high on a hill in Santa Ynez Valley near Santa Barbara.  We would have around 50 persons attending, with a permission from the owners of the winery to dance and drink as long as our guests can stand up.

My next dream wedding happens to be in Greece, Italy or Croatia, where we would rent a villa that could accommodate most of our guests, and the celebration would take place on the terrace overlooking the sea, with everyone sharing a festive meal at one huge table.

I have also thought of an ideal elopement that would probably happen somewhere in Northern California, and not in the form of a package deal, but planned by me and Tom.  

So, I am growing inside me the seeds of three possible wedding scenarios.  It is quite exciting to see which one will actually become reality.

We will see.  When we actually have time to sit down and talk about our wedding plans :)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

4 months into being engaged

and no date and no real plan yet!  It has become my personal guilty pleasure to watch peoples' faces when I say that we are taking it easy in response to their questions about the wedding date.  Everyone is so used to the military-style scheduling and planning that begin the second after a girl gets her ring that Tom and I are considered weird :-)  The funny thing about us that we were sort of planning an elopement 4 months before we actually got engaged, and our commitment to each other does not depend on whether we have set the date or not.  Next week, it will our 3rd anniversary, and last February marked 5 years since we absolutely randomly met at JFK (yes, at the airport).  I, a Russian, was married at the time and lived in Los Angeles, and he, an American, was single and lived in Connecticut.  For some strange reason we stayed in touch via texting and occasional e-mailing and reconnected after I separated from my husband and he moved to LA for a new job.  We are considering a whole slew of options for our wedding - from having our ceremony and reception at a winery, to a destination wedding, to an elopement.  In any event, even a wedding at a winery promises to be a fairly small affair with around 50 persons attending given that my entire immediate and extended family is in Russia.

Given the ever changing nature of our "planning", I have felt uncomfortable sharing my thoughts with friends.  So, I will use this blog to voice my ideas, concerns and inspirations.