Monday, June 29, 2009

I know, I know...

It's getting super old. I am well aware, trust me my only reader :-)

We still DON'T KNOW whether we are getting the house. The FHA process sucks.

I was supposed to go to Moscow for a couple of weeks but because of the uncertainty with the housing situation I simply can not leave Tom alone to juggle work, the impending move (we HAVE to be out of this apt by July 26) and Bulka. I am so sad about not going, I can't even express it. I haven't seen my mom in 4 years...

I feel tragically cheated out of my trip.

And I am taking too many puppy pictures and giving them away without charging for it. Apparently, I am good at dog photography. Why knew?! Given that I am super allergic, it is sort of ironic.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Still waiting...

Oh well, it's a lesson in patience, and the house is becoming less and less important.

I am not feeling that hot lately - having very strange dreams that involve natural disasters, predators and violence. A couple of nights ago, I actually had to wake up and open my eyes to see the man from my dream slowly disappear in thin air. It had never happened to me before!

During the day, it's hard to get going, so I often take a two-hour nap in the middle of the day and wake up only out of feeling of guilt.

Banana walnut raisin bread for Tom is in the oven. The apartment smells delish.

Waiting for Tom to come home and browsing through pics.

Monday, June 8, 2009

I think

I am gonna go into a coma or die or do whatever to disappear until Wednesday.

The wait is unbearable despite me being SUPER patient.

I haven't checked the house website for over a week!

I am waiting.

I am waiting.

I am freaking tired of waiting, so the last two days I want to spend in a chemically induced coma. Please.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

About the dress -

- I have figured that if I don't find a reasonably priced nice and flattering dress, I will take my TIBI wrap halter dress from Anthropologie to a seamstress and have it recreated still in silk but in a different color (not sure what color yet).

The dress looks like this:

P.S. pardon the out-of-focusness of the photo, it was taken by a stranger who was kind enough to stop and snap a photo of us :)

I think I know

what I am doing wrong - I am mixing my wedding and non-wedding stuff in one blog. But in my defense - I don't know how to split myself into two (or even more) personalities. So, I am going to stay here, in one form and shape, however bloggerly schizophrenic it may be.

A couple of things

wedding related.

Talking to your significant others is very useful. Apparently, having a layered cake and nice flowers at our wedding is very important to Tom! I was shocked to learn that. I mean, yes, we have discussed that food, photography and open bar were crucial. But flowers and cake?! I was thinking of simple decorations and mostly candles. He wants real flower arrangements. Huh?!

I guess it is a good thing we are hoping of having the ceremony and reception at the house (if we get it).

Given Tom's wishes, I am hoping to arrange a flower donation to a hospital or something like that.


bitching about my weight gain has helped - as of today, I am 3 lbs lighter than at the time of my previous blog. I have no idea what is going on with my body anymore. Seriously.

Anyway, on Wednesday we should know if the loan is approved. Which means we will know whether we are getting the house. I feel like our life has been sort of suspended with everything revolving around the big purchase. We have signed lease termination documents at our current place and if we do not get the house, we will have 20 days to find a new place to move to! Having said that, I need to clarify - I HATE moving. In my first 7 years of being in the States, I moved once to an apartment across the hall. And then there have been 3 moves - first me moving in with Tom, then us together moving into the guest house, and then us moving over here after our landlords sold the property. Our last move was in February 2009. I can't believe we will be moving again so soon. Given the uncertainty of the situation, we haven't even started packing! To be completely honest, we haven't even completely unpacked from the previous move! So, I am holding my breath and hoping that we get the house - just for the sake of us not having to move yet again!!! Sounds silly but I will cry if we miss out on the house simply because it will mean more moves in the future.

By the way, I didn't mind moving so much when my possessions fit in a couple of suitcases.

Friday, June 5, 2009


Tom returned to me my scale after confiscating it for almost 2 weeks. He thinks I am addicted to weighing myself (I step on the scale every morning). My conviction is that weighing myself keeps me in check. The 2 week scale deprivation experiment has just proven my point. I have gained over 2 pounds.

Ever since moving to the States I have had to think of my weight. I don't know if it is the lifestyle or food or something else (like me aging)?.. And then, most recently, my weight has become my personal adversary who I fight every day. I am sooo tired of it. And it's not like I eat crap! No, I cook every day, I eat only fresh and mostly organic, I never eat fast food, I eat out rarely, I eat a ton of veggies and some fruit and berries, I don't eat processed foods and simple carbohydrates, I eat a lot of fish... why am I gaining weight?! I know that last week I just let myself go - I ate the same healthy food but in bigger quantities and I haven't worked out in a couple of weeks. This is explainable. But I still can't explain why I gain weight when I eat properly and exercise. Seriously!

Last year, I was almost 10 lb lighter!!!

I need to get back to that weight. I was not tiny but I was comfortable.

At times like this I realize that I am really a lucky person whose biggest problem is her weight... I will go now and rethink the whole thing.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

All right,

today I have accomplished two things - changed the name of my blog to the Life of Peanut, since I write about anything and everything but our wedding, and created a new blog where I post my photos of dogs at the park where I walk Bulka every day -

For the second day in a row

I feel absolutely blah and brain dead. Yesterday, I spent almost the entire day sleeping with Bulka and eventually got up only to take her to the park. The timing is bad - I have this ONE assignment for my class that I need to complete by Saturday, and I can not muster any energy or motivation to get it started. The assignment involves leaving the house and talking to people, something I am not in the mood for... Urghhh... And I am feeling guilty for being such a slug too...

On a different note - I got a call back for the second interview for the extremely low paying part time job.

Inspired by

Smitten Kitchen's blog, I entertained Tom and his best friend visiting from CT on business the following gourmet way:


Mussels steamed in white wine (everyone was super hungry, so I only got to snap a picture of leftovers and this is not their best representation!) with toasted crusty French bread:

Main course:

Braised lamb shanks in red wine sauce with mashed potatoes and grilled asparagus:


Raspberry donuts (Trader Joe's) and lemon sorbet (Double Rainbow). No photo here - too much food and wine had been consumed by that point for anyone (or me - precisely) to care about taking some silly food pictures :)))

P.S. I guess I did not size the images properly but they will show in their original form if you click on them :)