Wednesday, July 22, 2009


the key to closing was removing me from the U.S. I bought a ticket to Moscow at 1am on July 4 and at 11:50pm of the same day I was leaving behind fireworks and worries. While I was in Moscow, the house papers got signed and the loan was funded. The only thing I had to do upon my return is collect the keys!

So... ever since I have been ignoring my jet lag and packing and connecting utilities. And getting sad to leave Miracle Mile. And the park at La Brea Tar Pits. And my Trader Joe's. And the Arclight. And Amalfi. And Susina. And LACMA. And so many other favorite places...

I came to LA from Moscow on August 15, 1999. Now, 10 years later I am moving away.

A whole new journey ahead. Exciting and scary at the same time - but mostly exciting!

We went to the house a couple of days ago and I took "before" photos. Can't wait till we get everything set up so that I can take "after" pics too!