Thursday, August 20, 2009

New beginnings?

After my failed attempt to get back into the working world, Tom and I had a serious talk and decided that I will no longer look for a paralegal job. Tom has been encouraging me to start my own dog photography business for a while now - he is so supportive and empowering, it is unbelievable! I do lack education in the photography department, and having been married to a professional photographer before, I am super aware of my limitations. Ironically, my ex-husband was never too psyched about me taking photos, and now he praises me and thinks I can do it. I know, I have a good eye but I also know how much I don't know and it freaks me out. So, my first instinct is to sign up for a basic photography class. Tom's suggestion is to beg my way into an internship with an established pet photographer to see how the insides work. I guess it would be best to combine the two, but I am scared shitless to start...

So, the tasks are - signing up for a class and sending out letters to photographers.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

We are all moved in

and comfortable at the house and we are loving every second of being here. The views are gorgeous, the area is great, the nights are super quiet and dark, and the food tastes better :-) I am serious about the food - we bought a grill!!! And even patio furniture! True, we don't have a yard in the usual sense of the word, although we have a lot of land, but we do have lemons and grapefruit and something else, sort of like wild oranges growing on the property! I have even made lemonade and squeezed some fresh juice! It was the best thing we have ever tasted! Bulka was freaked out for a week or so after the move until she figured out that she can sun herself daily on the balcony and watch the neighborhood. I even found the best little park ever where I take her nightly to chase ball and roll in the grass. She is a much happier bulldog now :-)

And, I even got a job in the midst of it all! Well, it was just a one-day job because I decided not to return - the solo practitioner attorney (who was looking to grow her business and hired an experienced paralegal) asked me to urgently leave in the middle of the day to buy dog food for her dogs and then when I returned I was instructed to weigh mail on her bathroom (!!!) scale and then do the math to calculate correct postage. I know I am a pussy... I quit...