Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I wish it rained

One of my all time favorite childhood memories is of my mom telling me and a friend of mine to go out and play in the summer rain. All my other friends were confined to their apartments and they watched us with envy - after all we got to get all muddy and soaking wet! My mom is the best mom ever. In the winter, I was allowed to lick icicles and even bring them home! When I have a child, I will always first think - what would my mom do?

Friday, September 18, 2009

I have spent a lot of time

on Craigslist' other than "Jobs" section in the last couple of days. First, I placed a posting giving away our used moving boxes. Then, I was looking for tickets to India Calling! at the Hollywood Bowl. And today, I was just bored.

What I noticed was that people give away for free A LOT OF dirt! Seriously, dirt! I wonder where they get it and who picks it up.

And then today, when I was picking up the tickets, the lady who was selling them to me described herself as a "very tall" person. I stood there waiting for a VERY tall person to show up but she happened to be very moderately tall. I have seen taller women for sure. And apparently she didn't recognize me because she didn't expect that I would show up with a dog (I had Bulka with me and I left a message on her answering machine on my way to meet her saying I would be with a bulldog!). So, we disappointed each other in how each of us looked. (Hmm... This kind of very slightly relates to Craigslist.)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I am a spoiled

spoiled person. A few minutes ago, I dug a knife into a little watermelon that I brought home from the market today and was taken aback when the red flesh revealed tiny black seeds. My first reaction was to dump the whole damn thing in trash - what the hell?! - I thought to myself - what are THESE doing here?! It took me a couple of minutes to realize how horrible I have become. I remembered being a kid in Russia savoring the red juicy deliciousness of watermelons that actually HAD seeds and they were a huge part of enjoyment. How embarrassing.